Tuesday, 3 January 2012

mbak ina gojes

dear mbak ina owsem,

i planned to write this post a long time ago, but the time is very6 jealous wif me, so i postpone sampai ari ni. *mate macam puss in boots

i would like to thank u for delivering me out from ur stomach. i know its heavy to carry me along with u in 9months. 
i also want to thank u for the hardness that u faced when u carried me in ur perot. i know it's not easy.
i also nak cakap thanks for cebok-ing my boon-toot n my tahee, suapkan saye makan and the most important is, halalkan la segale susu, kasih sayang, belaian, n tenage yang diperlukan while raising me up until i've transformed from a kid to a teenager
i also nak cakap tengkyu sebab jadi cikgu pertame saye yang ajo ABC , ALIP BA TA, doa makan, doa tido n tak lupe juge doa masok jamban yang saye suke masok tu.
i know i annoyed u a lot. please forgive me. :)

dear mbak ina gojes, 
u r the pretty-est, kind-est and the best woman that i've ever known from the day when i bornt until now n forever. i tell u, i'm willing to give my life to u and i hope that one day i am the one who die before u.

takde ayat lain yang lebih owsem nak cakap sebab anakmu ni perosak bahasa. huehau~

i love you so much ibu, happy belated birthday. may ALLAH bless u always

aku memang ade ciri2 promoter. tettt !

p/s: aku da wish mak aku da. 30th december 2011 genap 42 umo ibu. :)

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