Monday, 25 November 2013

Regret ? Nahw man :)

So yeah. setelah 2 bulan (atau lebih) terlupa beta ada blog tetibe teringat balik behahahah *gelak like a boss usap2 janggut*

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i'll keep this blog forevaaa ! :D

Back to the topic, regret. 

I did some reminiscing yesterday and god...remembering them hurts me. 

so here it is, i want to share with you readers (do i have any reader(s) at all ? XD) hoping that you will get 'something'.  

I swear i was not lying when i said i'm sad and envy those people who get to hold something that i'm not being able to hold it. Like a 'Bachelor in Law with Honours' or something like 'Bachelor in Medical and Surgery', which is i know i'm not going to graduate as one. 

Yes, my dream is as big as heaven. Loath at it, spit at that. I don't care. Gandhi said, Your dream is not big enough if someone doesn't laugh at it. So if you're laughing, tell me so that i know my dream is big hahahah k :p

ehem k sila serious kembali 

I really was sad to the pits of my heart and heartbroken..

But then again i started to ask my not-so-grateful self

"Why don't you just be grateful and say thanks to Allah instead ?"

and now, here i am wanting to say Alhamdulillah. For what i have, for everything that is and was fated to be mine. I believe everything is created super nice and pretty by Him including my life ! ^^

I have faith in Him. He loves me. 

Allah ou akhbar 💕

So last but not least, thank you dear Allah ! You are indeed, my savior. :)


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