Thursday, 26 December 2013

Untuk ibu awak. :D

Dear my-future-husband's mommy,

If these 10 things are your rules, I'll be more than glad to accept it.  

1. I have my own money, career and why would I want to chase after his money if I can have his heart ? 

2. Mom, I believe you don't even want to use any of your energy after the first time you lay your eyes on me. why ? Because I am Yuyu, the ferociously pretty damsel which shows no other skin except my face and hands. eheheh now , If you would excuse me mom, I also want to tempeleng myself for being too perasan.

3. You know what mom, Imma pretty girl (you can muntah mom, I understand) with attitude, class and pride. Why would I want to send "sexts" to him ? I'm one of a kind mom.

4. Did I mention earlier that you'll immediately fall in love with me (just like your son did) after you see me ? No ? Ok, please read no 2 again.

5. With the repeating sentences like no 4, I believe you're kinda persistent. Excuse me for a while mom, I want to face-palm myself...... Ok mom, I'm back. Do you oredi miss me ? No? K. Mom, please read no 4 again.  

6. I know he is your boy and forever will be... and I strongly believe that you'll let him marry me after you read this mom. Therefore, pwease pwease and pweaseeeee let me marry him *puss-in-boots eyes*

7. I already love all of him including his flaws. Therefore, I take him for who he is. :)

8. I saw that in him. Indeed, I agree with you mom, he's a gentleman. I, once saw a quote saying "If a man treats his woman like a princess, he's being raised by a queen". So mom, as much as I hate it when you doubt me, I also hate to doubt that you raised a prince. Gosh, I must be the luckiest girl on earth....

9. You are scary mom...

10. Please re-read no 1 until 9. Have you read it mom? Now do you the heart to accuse that I am faking my way to a ring on my finger ? *muka sedih pehlis*

Oh yeah, mom.. Thank you for being protective over him. Thank you. 

I understand. Me too, will do the same thing if I'm in your shoes at the first place. 

Just so you know mom, I love your son genuinely.

'till later mom, on one fine day, we'll be able to meet. Just let us both find our way to each other first okay ?  

Yours truly,

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