Sunday, 16 March 2014

Of appearance and loneliness.

So True |

Behind this annoying poker face,
lays a thousand secrets worth afraid of;
lays a fortune of insecurities worth be ashamed of;
lays a sea of tears worth being shed of.

Now, i know why did you left.
because the damned secrets, that stupid insecurities issues though i hat to admit, had taken it's toll on us.
To begin with, who wants to befriend a frail girl with loads of frustrating troubles yes ?
because me, myself does not even want to have a friend like me too.
because i'm afraid my already fucked up life is going to be more fucked up if i have a friend like me.

That is why I am preparing myself.
for the loneliness I chose to bare,
for the emptiness I chose to indulge.
so that when the eager tears escape from the corners of eyes uncontrollably,
I have nothing to be regretted of.
because i still think living a lonely, sorrowful life is better than living a lively, cheerful life with tonnes of shitty, fake plastic containers you've grown so fond of calling them your friends.

Just so you know, I did not back off for nothing. 
I backed off because this time, i chose to put in a good amount of greed into me;
I want to have the last laugh to myself.

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