Sunday, 16 March 2014

Of appearance and loneliness.

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Behind this annoying poker face,
lays a thousand secrets worth afraid of;
lays a fortune of insecurities worth be ashamed of;
lays a sea of tears worth being shed of.

Now, i know why did you left.
because the damned secrets, that stupid insecurities issues though i hat to admit, had taken it's toll on us.
To begin with, who wants to befriend a frail girl with loads of frustrating troubles yes ?
because me, myself does not even want to have a friend like me too.
because i'm afraid my already fucked up life is going to be more fucked up if i have a friend like me.

That is why I am preparing myself.
for the loneliness I chose to bare,
for the emptiness I chose to indulge.
so that when the eager tears escape from the corners of eyes uncontrollably,
I have nothing to be regretted of.
because i still think living a lonely, sorrowful life is better than living a lively, cheerful life with tonnes of shitty, fake plastic containers you've grown so fond of calling them your friends.

Just so you know, I did not back off for nothing. 
I backed off because this time, i chose to put in a good amount of greed into me;
I want to have the last laugh to myself.

Monday, 3 March 2014

To you, the princess-soon-to-be-queen.


If he loves you,

he'll love you by you,

he'll love your flaws,

he'll never look at you in disgust,

he'll say you are beautiful,

he'll happily eat your bland-tasting dishes,

he'll treat you like a glass; fragile that he's afraid you might break,

he'll thank you with loving kisses,

he'll appreciate your wierd choice of perfume,

he'll laugh at your lame jokes,

he'll thank you for the son(s) and daughter(s) that he have,

he'll say your disturbing stretch marks are breathtaking,

he'll voice sweet nothings to lull you to sleep,

he'll stay awake at 2 am in the morning just to admire how beautiful you are when you sleep,

he'll mouth 'i love you' like he never grow tired of saying it,

he'll never take you for granted,

because he knows, and he feels so bad as you've sacrifice so much just to be with him.

because he knows, and he feels so guilty of 'trapping' you in his life forever while he himself is too selfish to let you go for another better man.

because he, himself knows.. 

and fully aware of the fact that he will never got any woman better than you.

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