Monday, 16 October 2017

Yoyo is back

Hi all. 

Itu pun kalau y'all still exist..... . .

So i'm back. After 4 years gone doing god-knows-what 😂. K tak. I was busy with my studies and life. As of today, this girl right here dah almost 3 bulan habis belajar. Insya Allah by november i'll be awarded a degree. 

I've deleted my old posts. Why? Simply because it's so goddamn embarrassing i had to do something about it dafuq... . ... .. . . .

K imma stop right here. Terimalah sedikit gambar dariku . . 

This one paling latest i berangan

With my bff of 3 years, Sharffra

This was taken back in September i guess. That's Fareen, my friend back in matriculation. 

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